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Current Members


Yuhan Shi
President (2023-2024)

Treasurer (2023-2024)

Yuhan Shi is a master's student whose research focuses on the use of a type of bio-sourced polymeric graphite as a substitute for traditional coal tar pitch, a binder for carbon anodes in the primary aluminum smelting process. She completed her bachelor's degree in Materials Engineering at McGill and continued her studies at the master's level. Beyond her academic pursuits, she enjoys boxing, skiing, and writing novels. Yuhan was honored as a recipient of SURE2022 and served as a research assistant intern at CarbiCrete from September 2021 to April 2022. She became a member of the MetSoc McGill Student Chapter in May 2022 and is currently serving as the president.


Mara Martinez
Secretary (2023-2024)


Mara is a PhD candidate in Materials Engineering, currently working on linear friction welding of cast magnesium for aerospace applications. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Materials Engineering in Mexico, as well as her M.Sc. in Metallurgical Engineering. She has professional experience at foundries in the automotive and construction sectors as a metallurgist. In her free time, she loves cooking and solving puzzles. She is currently serving as the secretary of the MetSoc McGill Student Chapter.


Victoria Anson 
Vice-President (2023-2024)


Victoria is an undergraduate student serving as the Vice President for the MetSoc McGill Student Chapter. She is passionate about process engineering and hydrometallurgy, with an interest in powder metallurgy. Currently immersed in a research project focused on a new stainless steel composite process. Her role stems from her desire to establish enriching experiences for materials engineering students, emphasizing industry tours and networking opportunities within the realm of metallurgy. In her free time, she practices Zumba and serves as the captain of a frisbee team.


Alfred Feng


Alfred Feng, an undergraduate student and our MetSoc Communications leader. He  channels his academic energy towards the fascinating world of alloy manufacturing. Beyond the classroom, Alfred finds joy in video editing, showcasing a creative flair that complements his studies. Additionally, he enjoys camping.


Srikar Billa
Grad Representative 



Michelle Zhou
Undergrad Representative 


Srikar Billa is the Graduate Representative and a Ph.D. candidate. He is working on adhesion strength of cold spray copper coatings. He's doing an excellent job and has earned the McGill Engineering Doctoral Award and Graduate Excellence. Beyond the laboratory, enjoys swimming, listening to music, and hiking.

Darin Wang


Introducing Darin, an enthusiastic undergraduate member with a passion for a diverse array of materials engineering disciplines, including composites, additive manufacturing, biomaterials, nanotechnology, and hydrometallurgy. In his spare time, he is intertwined with the love of sports, particularly volleyball, which has been a constant in his life since middle school, serving as an integral

Chujian Xu


Michael, an undergraduate member specializing in Aerospace Engineering, immerses himself in the dynamic realm of developing and optimizing advanced materials tailored for aerospace applications. His passion lies in researching and understanding how these materials behave under aerospace conditions, with the ultimate aim of innovating solutions that enhance the safety and longevity of aerospace vehicles. In his free time, Michael is dedicated to powerlifting, a passion that extends beyond the confines of the lab or classroom. Powerlifting not only allows him to challenge and push his physical limits but also instills a discipline and perseverance that he often finds transferable to his engineering endeavors. Michael brings a unique blend of academic curiosity and physical dedication to our community.

Linwei Chen


Linwei is an undergraduate member with a keen interest in the fascinating worlds of semiconductors and aerospace. Currently pursuing his bachelor's studies in these dynamic fields. Beyond academic pursuits, Linwei finds joy and camaraderie in playing soccer.

We acknowledge the people that have worked in the past to enhance our student chapter

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