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Current Members


Bruno Castilho
President (2022-2023)


Bruno is a PhD candidate at McGill University in the Department of Mining and Materials Engineering. He is currently studying and developing coatings for high temperature applications, with special focus on self-lubricating coatings. Bruno has a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering at CEFET-MG, Brazil and a Master from University of São Paulo, Brazil with a research on hybrid PVD coatings for automotive applications. Bruno spends most of his free time playing games (RPGs and Formula 1), reading and cooking. Bruno joined MetSoc team in October, 2019. 

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Parham Valipoorsalimi
Vice-President (2022-2023)


He is a master’s student in materials engineering with a great passion for machine learning and deep learning. He received his bachelor’s degree from Iran University of science and technology. Currently, he is working on the application of machine learning for investigating new lightweight materials. His hobbies are sports especially basketball, as well as playing musical instruments. He is the vice president of MetSoc Mcgill student Chapter currently. 

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Alejandra Islas
Treasurer (2021-2023)


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Yuanhui Zhu
Secretary (2022-2023)


Alejandra is a PhD candidate in Materials Engineering at McGill. She is currently working with thermally sprayed composites for high-temperature applications. She has a Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. She enjoys watching series and playing backgammon. Her role in the MetSoc McGill Student Chapter is Treasurer.

Yuanhui is an undergraduate student enrolled in Materials Engineering at McGill University. He is currently pursuing a materials engineering degree and completing three internships to actively involved in the material industry. He is an amicable and open-minded guy who dedicates to and longs for a better materials society in McGill. He is the secretary of MetSoc Mcgill student Chapter currently.


Elmira Ravanasa
Grad Representative (2022-2023)


She is a PhD student in Materials Engineering at McGill University. She is currently working on the investigation of hydrodynamic variables in flotation columns, which is critical in minerals separation. She also received her master’s degree in Mineral Processing Engineering, in which she is really interested. In her free time, she enjoys exploring nice places in Montreal, going to concerts, festivals, travelling, hiking, playing basketball as well as backgammon, and shopping. Her role in the Metsoc McGill Chapter is grad representative.


Yuhan Shi
Undergrad Representative (2022-2023)


She is a final-year undergraduate student in the Department of Materials and Mining Engineering. She has a special interest in researching innovative and sustainable materials and finding eco-friendly solutions for conventional metallurgical industry. She is obsessed with reptiles, and she has a cute leopard gecko, a corn snake and a Mexican black king snake as pets. She is the undergraduate representative of MetSoc McGill student Chapter

Richie Fong 
Member (2022-2023)

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He is a PhD student who is involved in organizing leadership activities and student-industry activities for goLEAD and MetSoc McGill Chapter respectively.  He is a young mind with a great drive to act and succeed. Richie was the president of this chapter from 2020 to 2022. 


Satish Kumar Tumulu
Member (2022-2023)

Satish is pursuing his PhD from department of Materials Engineering at McGill. His work is focused on developing the laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing process of Al-Cu alloys. Satish has his Bachelor’s degree in Ceramic Engineering from NIT Rourkela, India . He enjoys photography, cooking and listening to music. He is an executive member of the MetSoc McGill Student Chapter.


Raina Gao

Raina is an undergraduate student in Materials Engineering at McGill University. She has a great passion in learning new things related to materials science.  She currently completed several internships in both industry and research. She enjoys playing video games and card games. Her role is a member in the MetSoc McGill Student Chapter.

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